Personalized Nutritional Counseling Initial Consultation $130

You will work 1:1 with our Clinical Nutritionist to create a personalized plan that is tailored to your lifestyle. You will receive the following:  

  • Nutrition Counseling  

  • Custom Meal Planning

  • Personalized Supplement Recommendations

  • Personalized Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Lab work analysis

  • Customized follow-up packages based on your specific needs.

    • Minimum commitment is 4 total sessions.

    • Initial Consultation fee goes toward follow-up packages.

Manifest Healthy Living

This 8 week program will help you to manifest the healthy lifestyle you've always wanted without fad diets or ridiculous workouts. Through a mixture of nutrition counseling and coaching techniques, we will work to find what works for you so that you can see lasting changes in your life.

The Program consists of following these 4 easy steps:

1. Change your Health and Wellness Mindset

2. Clarify and Visualize your personal goals

3. Take actions that lead to your desired outcome

4. Focus on daily self-improvement

21 Day Focused Fast

Sometimes you just need to declutter your life and start fresh. Gain clarity on you life and learn to refocus and take empowered action to meet your goals!

This Cleanse includes a 21 day workbook, sample recipes, and Five (5) 1:1 Coaching Sessions.


As a bonus for subscribing, you'll receive 10% off your initial consultation or first cleanse.

Contact Us

Please email, call, or text if you have any questions before your Initial Nutrition or Doula consultation.


Phone: (915) 209-0928

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