Supplements Recommended for ALL

Why Supplements?

Although the daily recommended amount of the majority of vitamins and minerals can be reached through the foods we eat, there are instances where taking supplements will aid you in achieving optimum health. As a Nutrition and Wellness coach, this is the number one goal when helping clients.

On this page you will find supplements that are recommended for the general public. These supplements are selected based upon national research as well as common themes I may be seeing within the field. I will never recommend specific supplements to fit an individual’s need without a proper consultation first.

Many of the supplements I recommend will be from Designs for Health, as I have partnered with them to provide you prescription grade supplements at a discounted price. Their supplements are research driven, evidence-based, and created with synergistic formulations offering meaningful quantities of therapeutic ingredients.

GI Microb-X™

Maintaining gut health is on of the major issues Americans are facing. Probiotics can be helpful for some, but it is important to know that many of the bacteria you get from probiotics, never make it to the small intestine for absorption, but are killed by bile in the stomach. GI Microb‑X™ is a supplement made from botanical nutrients that promote the natural growth of bacteria in the gut. The gut microbiome plays an essential role in health, as it affects metabolism, nutrient absorption, and immune function.

Additional highlights of GI Microb‑X™

  • 200 mg of Tribulus extract standardized to contain 40% saponins to support GI microbial balance

  • 100 mg of berberine sulfate and 50 mg of barberry extract standardized to contain 6% berberine to support gut health

  • 150 mg of magnesium caprylate, yielding 120 mg caprylic acid to help support the disruption of bacteria cell formations

  • 100 mg of bearberry extract standardized to contain 20% arbutin, 100 mg of black walnut powder, and 15 mg of artemisinin to support the body’s immune response


OmegAvail™ Smoothies

Most American do not get enough Omega 3 Fatty Acids from their diet alone. Omega 3’s can help to improve heart health, lower cholesterol and triglyceride level, improve immune system functionality, promote healthy skin and hair, and so much more.

Additional highlights of OmegAvail™ Smoothies

  • Available in 2 flavors : Citrus Sorbet and Mango Peach

  • Safe for Children age 5 and older

  • Little to no fishy taste

  • Convenient to use



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