Brief history...

As a young girl growing up in Oceanside, CA, I always knew I wanted to help support others to be successful. I was literally a cheerleader for 10 years of my life. As I became a woman, I quickly found myself at the center of mental discourse. I was thriving in college and as a Resource Counselor for a nonprofit agency working with adults with intellectual disabilities. I was soon promoted to a management position. My role shifted from direct job coaching and health coaching to career coaching. I’ve loved working at the nonprofit, but a few years ago I found myself in a slump.

The Turning Point...

Have you ever heard the saying, “The only people who tell the truth are children and drunks.”? Well as I was living what I thought was a healthy, successful life, my oldest nephew burst my bubble when he repeatedly asked if I had a baby in my tummy!!! It was bad enough I was already sulking in the fact that I was in my mid twenties, single, doing well at work but struggling because I knew I needed something more.

Steps in the Right Direction...

After being humiliated and embarrassed that my, then 5 year old, nephew called me out for looking pregnant, I knew I needed to make a complete lifestyle change. January 2016, at 5’ 4.5” 183lbs, I decided that I was going to take my life back and become the REAL healthy person I’d always thought I was. I signed up for the gym started juicing and meal prepping and completely changed my health around. During the first three months, I endured some heartbreak and realized I was searching for love in the wrong places. On top of getting healthy physically, I realized my spiritual health was suffering. I decided to recommit my life to Christ and was baptized in March of that year.

The Results...

By January 2017, I was down to 153 lbs. I had a new found confidence that I was able to do anything. Although I didn’t hit my goal weight of 145lbs, my driver’s license weight, I was close and felt better than I had in years.

My Why...

If you’re still reading, bless you because I know it’s been a roller coaster!!

I believe our health is the core root of many of our day to day struggles. I’ve learned that building a close relationship with myself has helped me grow in different areas of my life. I’ve learned how to better navigate the chaos that life often brings and in turn I’m able to have better relationships with those around me. I now feel empowered to go after what I really want. I now help successful women to manifest the healthy lifestyle they've always wanted!


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